inner space/outer space

tanz_house festival
ARGE Salzburg 2006

Solo Variation
Tanzherbst Dresden 2005


Premiere imagetanz
dietheater Künstlerhaus 2004

A choreographic delicacy

Doris Stelzer’s “inner space/outer space” has been a choreographical delicacy. In simple white costumes on a white dance floor Stephanie Cumming and Andrea Seewald were performing a study of movement. The reduced movements are slightly shifted in time, sometimes synchronously. Flows and stops of the upper body and the extremities are alternating in an unusual way. The two different bodies tell the same story by using small sequences of movements in their own very individual way.
Doris Stelzer has the courage for something you don’t get to see often in Vienna these days: a reduced, precise choreography without an abstract superstructure and without any medial tools or sounds. The result is respectable, and will hopefully be continued (

Two dancers, one choreographer and one photographer are exploring inner and outer spaces. Inner spaces, like anatomically based skeleton spaces and thoughts are associated with the surroundings. The modification and creation of the outer spaces by the dancing bodies, which take care and take along their inner spaces is the main topic of the piece.

The three-dimensional view of the choreographer is contrasted with the two-dimensional view of the photographer. Body spaces are newly defined by the focus of the camera and new spaces are discovered. Thus, the audience has the possibility to experience both danced body spaces and pictures at the same time.


Duration Performance 20min plus slideshow

ConCept, Choreography Doris Stelzer
Performance, Choreography Stephanie Cumming, Andrea Seewald
Photography Bettina Frenzel
Assistenz Photography Fotografie Selma Kadi
Light Andrea Korosec
Soundconcept Christoph Campregher
Support homunculus